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Activate Wordpress Gamification

Boost engagement on your WordPress site

Once payment is validated, an email will be sent with your platform credentials - boost your site with challenges, badges, levels, leaderboards, activity feeds and more

The platform creates loyalty and increases user lifetime value, using machine learning and behavioral psychology. Providing gamification & social tools. 

Badges - Challenges rule engine, challenges can be repeatable on a daily / weekly/ monthly basis, automatic real time progression on each challenge.

Levels - Automatic levels system based on user points, (can be granted via actions / challenges etc..), levels can unlock premium content, and can be displayed in various ways depending on customer design.

Activity & Social Feeds - Social feeds provide another dimension into users activity, achievements and status. Activity feeds are a dynamic representation of highlighted events such as big wins, new promotions, new games etc.

Leaderboards - The platform provides multiple leaderboards according to level & timeframe, a daily leaderboard can help boost newcomers. 

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