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Boost Engagement
with Gamification
and Social Tools.

Enhance Wordpress with Gamification: Badges, Levels, Leaderboards, and More.

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Complete challenges such as "visit every day for a week" / "watch a video" / "share site with a 3 friends in 1 month" etc.


As users progress, they will get immediate feedback, achieve missions, level up, receive trophies, points and recognition for success.

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Boosts engagement on your WordPress site using game mechanics.

Plug it in and immediately start rewarding users for engaging with your content, using points, levels, badges, and leaderboards, and keep them coming back for more.


  • Rewards: Give your loyal users badges, trophies, coupons, and rewards

  • Messaging: Communicate with your users, send them welcome messages, updates, and promotions

  • Customization – You can create new badges that users get by visiting specific pages or categories on your WordPress site, or for liking your Facebook page. You can fully customize all badges and levels, including how they look and what users have to do to get each one

  • Works out of the box – With dozens of badges and levels, Captain Up gives your users a challenging gaming layer with a balanced learning curve, right away. Automatic support for WordPress User Integration and WordPress comments

  • Insights – Get to know your most passionate users. See who has the most Twitter followers and who brought you the most visitors. Understand how users are engaging with your WordPress site and how to improve your users’ experience

  • Widgets! – The Activity Widget shows recent activity on your site, bringing together and showcasing your vibrant community. The Leaderboard Widget gets users competing and comparing their progress against one another

  • Tons of actions – You can reward users for visiting your site regularly, Tweeting about it, Liking things, visiting specific pages, commenting, or watching videos on your site. Set up custom actions for anything our default actions don’t cover yet

  • Mobile support – Support for mobile and tablet devices

  • Localization – out of the box support for over 18 languages.In-app messages and notifications

  • Custom theme & design


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